Volume Seven, 2009

Volume 7 Issue 1

Accountability remains key to TRC pardons process Fanie du Toit, Hugo van der Merwe & Rebecca Murdoch

Reconciliation and the Zuma Presidency Jan Hofmeyr

The highest (double) standards? The need for clarity after the Zuma trial Thomas Koelble

Dalai Lama Debacle: Finding the balance between politics, pragmatism and principle Mpumelelo Mkhabela

Focus on Southern Sudan: Success of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement remains critical Friederike Bubenzer

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Volume 7 Issue 2


No black and white answers in the stand-off between the AU and the ICC Fanie du Toit

The limits of a liberation legacy William Gumede

Priorities for a president Kate Lefko-Everett

Policy vs. identity: what drives the South African electorate? Collette Schulz-Herzenberg

Symbols of our nationhood Khaya Dlanga

The reconciliation rollercoaster: lessons on the journey to a non-racial society Valdi Van Reenen-Le Roux

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Volume 7 Issue 3


South Africa’s reconciliation process needs to produce more justice Fanie du Toit

Choose a board, choose a future Anton Harber

South Africa: one of the worst places for refugees Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh

Selecting judges to transform our law Hugh Corder

Social cohesion in a changing climate Michelle Pressend

Preventing dislocation? Marian Matshikiza

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Volume 7 Issue 4


Institutionalising reconciliation is an urgent priority Fanie du Toit

Batons or Ballots? Pursuing active citizenship and an interactive state Kate Lefko-Everett

Reconciliation in a human rights framework Jody Kollapen

Negotiating a desired future for Cradock Cecyl Esau

Shine Centre: Recipient of the 2008 Reconciliation Award Gabriella Sacramone-Lutz

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