Volume Six, 2008

Volume 6 Issue 1


The need for further reconciliation Fanie du Toit

Bringing people back into government Jan Hofmeyr & Alleyne Smith

Challenges and opportunities in education Mary Metcalfe

A moment of opportunity Shameela Seedat

Drawing the youth into the national conversation: Have we done enough? Valdi van Reenen-Le Roux

Democratic Republic of Congo: Staying the course Marian Matshikiza

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Volume 6 Issue 2


Zimbabwe: Nationalism and democracy come head to head Fanie du Toit & Shuvai Nyoni

The perils and promise of post-1994 youth Jonathan Jansen

Bringing youth development into the mainstream Rudi Buys

Picking up the pieces: Coming to terms with our xenophobic shame Jan Hofmeyr

Rebuilding trust requires community leaders to find sustainable solutions together Valdi van Reenen-Le Roux & Nkwenkwe Lukuko

Reconciliation: From abstraction to practice Carmen Louw & Natalie Jaynes

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Volume 6 Issue 3


IJR receives peace award Fanie du Toit

The separation of powers: Are the checks and balances working? Gary Pienaar

The independence of the judiciary in South Africa Pierre de Vos

Trust and uncertainty Dadisai Taderera & Jan Hofmeyr

‘All, Here and Now’ Allan Boesak

Celebrating the UDF Jeremy Seekings

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Volume 6 Issue 4


Taking our achievements a little more seriously Fanie du Toit

No place for political opportunities in volatile times Jan Hofmeyr

Are the TRC recommendations still a priority? Fanie du Toit & Natalie Jaynes

Post-apartheid challenges to transitional justice in South Africa: A perspective from observers Fabius Okumu-Alya, Jackee Budesta Batanda & Lino Owor Ogora

Reconciliation Award goes to the Masiphumelele community Valdi van Reenen-Le Roux & Fanie du Toit

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