Volume Four, 2006

Volume 4 Issue 1


The unfinished business of the TRC Charles Villa-Vicencio

Reparations ten years on Fanie du Toit

Apartheid-era perpetrators should be heard Charles Villa-Vicencio

Memory to shape the future Zubeida Jaffer

After Truth – The challenge of reconciliation in South Africa today Alex Boraine

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Volume 4 Issue 2


Legitimacy of democratic institutions not only about delivery Jan Hofmeyr

Independent oversight of South Africa’s law enforcement agencies should remain Boyane Tshehla

Democracy in the Balance: Parliament’s window of opportunity Tim Hughes

Transparency is meaningless without critical engagement Conrad Barberton

Prioritise constitutional arguments in judiciary debate Rob Amato

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Volume 4 Issue 3


Unambiguous action against corruption must entrench ethical governance Sue Brown

Debate on public values cannot be deferred Jan Hofmeyr

Straight talk needed to overcome current political impasse Saki Macozoma

Liberate South Africa from anti-public discourse Jeremy Cronin

When Law-Makers Become Law-Breakers: ‘Travelgate’ and its implications for ethical governance Judith February & Perran Hahndiek

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Volume 4 Issue 4


SA Reconciliation Barometer Survey 2006: Lack of inter-racial socialisation still an obstacle to unity Jan Hofmeyr

Reconciliation: More than just putting up with our differences Amanda Gouws

A common map of the past is needed before we can chart the future Dave Steward

No reconciliation possible without economic justice Letlapa Mphahlele

Reconciliation only one of many competing priorities for young black professionals Nonkosi Mngxali & Ntuthuzelo Vananda

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