Volume Two, 2004

Volume 2 Issue 1


A fall in South Afro-pessimism? Karin Lombard

Crime, security and fear of ‘the other’ Nahla Valji, Bronwyn Harris & Graeme Simpson

Who are the pessimists and optimists? SA Reconciliation Barometer

Race, risk and threat in South Africa Ted Leggett

Perception and reality: Wellsprings of privileged discontent Susan Brown

Bridging the inequality divide Patricia de Lille & Lance Greyling

A final question Jody Kollapen

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Volume 2 Issue 2


Land grievance is growing Karin Lombard

Land and housing security confidence trumps land fear SA Reconciliation Barometer

Informal settlements: Breeding grounds of conflict Jennifer Whittal, Ivan Muzondo, David Dewar & Michael Barry

The justice of land in a land of injustice IJR Land Reconciliation Survey

Q & A with Dr Wallace Mgoqi Karin Lombard

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Volume 2 Issue 3


Are racial divisions stagnating? Karin Lombard

Race Relations: Is there hope? Thabisi Hoeane

Coloured community takes the lead in race relations Zubeida Jaffer

The great South African myth Judith February

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Volume 2 Issue 4


South Africans poorer but better off? Murray Liebbrandt, Laura Poswell & Matthew Welch

Trends since 2001: Signs of hope? Alta Fölscher

Poverty: The people’s voice Karin Lombard

More women want work – and are disappointed Rulof Burger and Karin Lombard

Unemployment: Cancer of South Africa’s economic hopes Karin Lombard

Skollies on our streets? Dealing with youth unemployment Cecil Mlatsheni

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