Volume One, 2003

Volume 1 Issue 1


Reconciliation as politics Charles Villa-Vicencio

Stakes high in litigation against big business Dumisa Ntsebeza

How much has changed since 1994? SA Reconciliation Barometer

Bucking all trends SA Reconciliation Barometer

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Volume 1 Issue 2


Post-apartheid youth: where to? Zubeida Jaffer

Youth push up the mercury Karin Lombard

The new generation of ‘born-frees’ Vukani Mde

‘The host’ who welcomes ‘the other’ Amanda Gouws

Maties needs some soul-searching Taryn Cohn

Will they wear the South African jersey with pride? Brian O’Connell

From a parents’ point of view Xolela Mangcu

A new tribe: Kenyan youth in transition Zubeida Jaffer

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Volume 1 Issue 3


Political parties – an obstacle to reconciliation? Zubeida Jaffer

Party politics dividing South Africa – major survey finding Karin Lombard

Race, class and… party politics in South Africa: The expanding big league of divisive factors Susan Booysen

The ANC misses a trick Vincent Maphai

Race, class or HIV/AIDS? Nicoli Nattrass

Political parties – will they help divide or reconcile? Judith February

The Boeremag Pearlie Joubert

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Volume 1 Issue 4


Statistics together with anecdotes tell the SA race story Zubeida Jaffer

Half of SA: no contact with other races Karin Lombard

Reconciliation in Hout Bay Zubeida Jaffer

Some optimism about the future of race relations Karin Lombard

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