Transformation Audit generates public debate

Jan Hofmeyr, Editor of the Transformation Audit

The launch of the IJR’s annual Transformation Audit has provoked substantial public debate among South Africans, particularly in response to University of Johannesburg Professor Sakhela Buhlungu‘s article on Political influence withouth organisational power: COSATU’s contested future.

Click on the links below to follow  media coverage of the Transformation Audit launch:

Tough times in transformation: Institute – Michael Hamlyn, I-Net

Recovery will take a while – Regan Thaw, Eyewitness News

Warning on World Cup euphoriaSAPA, Weekend Post

Steel industry crucial to renewable energy efforts Peter Delonno with Ingi Salgado, Samantha Enslin-Payne and Donwald Pressly, Business Report

To read more about Professor Buhlungu’s article, follow the links below:

Buhlungu: Cosatu must learn hard lessons – SAPA, Times Live

Unions neglect shop floor for political sway- academicLinda Ensor, Business Day

Cosatu: we’re just fine – SAPA,

To obtain a copy of the 2009 Transformation Audi, please contact the IJR on (+27) 21 763 7128 or leave a comment below.

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