Reconciling Kenya

NCIC Commissioners visit the IJR

Recently, the IJR’s Justice and Reconciliation in Africa programme released a new Policy Brief entitled ‘Reconciling Kenya: Opportunities for constructing a peaceful and socially cohesive nation’.

The Brief forms part of an ongoing project focused on promoting national cohesion and reconciliation in Kenya, which will be jointly implemented by the IJR, the Kenyan National Cohesion and Integration Commission and the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden over the next two years. The project pieces together the initiatives taken in Kenya towards reconciliation since the post-election violence in 2007/2008 and gives recommendations to different actors on the way forward to consolidate national cohesion and reconciliation.

Both the Policy Brief and the collaborative project were launched in Nairobi last month. The project’s objectives include: policy analysis and advice on the justice and reconciliation process and initiatives in Kenya; increasing the understanding of reconciliation through dedicated training courses; and the development of a Reconciliation Training Manual to build individual and organizational capacity to facilitate dialogues in different regions of the country.

You can read the full Policy Brief here, as well as related media pieces by project leader Allan Ngari here:

Will the truth set Kenya free, or open old wounds?

The need for reconciliation in Kenya

Also, have a look back on Allan’s pieces, Africa looks forward to ‘The Fatou Effect’  and An ongoing search for Kenya’s panacea, in recent issues of the SA Reconciliation Barometer newsletter. Comments? Leave your feedback below, or send Allan a tweet on @justrutz!

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