TRC Lessons for Marikana?

“If we don’t heed these lessons, we cannot expect not to repeat them.” By Fanie du Toit* The Institute for

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No closure to a hurtful past

South Africa’s democratic settlement remains tenuously balanced between promiscuous peace and victors’ justice, twin dangers often associated with political transitions.

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New TRC website launched

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the handing over of the final TRC Report to the government, and the

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Kenya: TJRC may be extended

IJR Project Leader Allan Ngari brought to my attention this week the important news that the mandate of the Kenya

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Clive Derby-Lewis parole hearing today

Today, the parole board in Pretoria will hear an application by Clive Derby-Lewis, who together with Janusz Walus was convicted

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Amici curiae application by relatives of apartheid victims

On Saturday, The Times LIVE reported that “surviving relatives of apartheid victims have filed an application to intervene in the

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