Response to Invisible Children

Over the past week there has been lots of discussion over the release of a film called Kony 2012 by American NGO Invisible Children, which focuses on the Lord’s Resistance Army and decades of conflict in Northern Uganda. With nearly 75 million hits on YouTube alone (according to the Associated Press), the film has become enormously popular, but has also been highly criticised.

The (rather irreverent) blog Boing Boing has compiled a great collection of African responses to Kony 2012, including a video commentary by Ugandan journalist and blogger Rosebell Kagumire (have a look at her blog here or follow her on Twitter), which I am posting below.

The full post featuring commentary from a number of other African writers, researchers and academics can be found here. This editorial piece by Adam Branch, published by Al-Jazeera, is another worthwhile read.

Also, if you would like to have a look at some of the IJR research publications that focus on our work in Uganda, visit the Greater Horn Desk page here.

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