Fukuyama Lecture

On Wednesday, 26 October Professor Frances Fukuyama will be delivering a public lecture at UCT, which will focus on themes contained in his new book, The Origins of Political Order. According to the invitation, Fukuyama will:

‘explore the origins of three political institutions that constitute the basis for modern government – the state, the rule of law and accountability.  There is broad recognition today that institutions are critical for achieving economic growth, but people the world over take them for granted and fail to understand how difficult they were to create. Professor Fukuyama’s analysis of their origins begins with the primate progenitors of modern human beings and continues up to the French Revolution.  In his lecture he will draw lessons about development that help us understand the world today.’

Although the closing date for RSVP’s is listed as 21 October, the organisers have indicated that further responses will still be accepted. Full details are available on the UCT Events page.

Date:               Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Time:              19H00(doors open at 18h30)

Venue:                        Beattie Theatre, University Avenue, Upper Campus, UCT

The lecture will be followed by a reception in the Beattie foyer.

Admission is free. Note that seating will not be reserved.

RSVP to judith.cornell@uct.ac.za


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