Happy Birthday Madiba

Kate Lefko-Everett

Today is the birthday of South Africa’s beloved first democratic president, anti-apartheid struggle leader, and in many ways the ‘Father of the Nation’ – we wish you happy birthday Tata Madiba!

In South African and around the world, everyone is encouraged to take 67 minutes out of your day to do something for the greater good! Need some ideas? Have a look at the Mandela Day website, or check in with your preferred local school, public library, NGO, etc. For Cape Townians, the hard-working Equal Education – which is campaigning for libraries in all South African schools – invites volunteers to help cover books at the Bookery in Roeland Street.

Go on. Surrender your soapies today. Abandon the treadmill. Have a working lunch. Then – hopefully – don’t stop with today!

Another cause for celebration and reflection is the commemoration of International Criminal Justice Day yesterday, on 17 July. The International Criminal Court has posted a series of videos online – I am adding a statement by ICC Judge President Sang-Hyun Song below, and more can be viewed here.

What about combining efforts around these two events? If you live in a country that is not a signatory to the Rome Statute, today could be the day to start an advocacy campaign that contributes to international justice? Post more ideas here!


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